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  • We’re publishing a book! Seany screen grab

    In just over a month, insideMAN will celebrate our first birthday. We’re incredibly proud to have published hundreds of amazing stories about what it means to be a man today that you simply wouldn’t be able to read anywhere else. So we’re going to mark our first anniversary and celebrate this chorus of men’s voices by publishing a book!

  • Go and see X + Y, it’s funny and it says good things about men xy-film-poster

    This weekend I watched a film that was the single most positive portrayal of men that I can remember seeing on the big screen. In it there are no fewer than four – count them, four – key male characters who are unfailingly decent and inspiring.

  • Why can’t men and women tackle gender equality together? Men Women Together

    Anita Copley is helping to organise an all-panel discussion about the role of men in fighting for gender equality in Wales called #MenOnOurSide. Here she calls on men to join forces to tackle gender inequality.

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We're publishing an amazing, real-life book of the best UK writers on men and masculinity!

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